About Rovanco Piping Systems

Rovanco Piping Systems is a Leading Manufacturer of Pre-Engineered, Pre-Fabricated, Pre-Insulated Pipe & Piping Systems

Rovanco Piping Systems, Inc., is a privately held manufacturing company located in Joliet, Illinois which maintains three manufacturing facilities totaling nearly 150,000 square feet and encompassing 20 acres.

Rovanco was founded by then owners Larry and Dick Stonitsch in 1969. The business was conceived for the express purpose of providing a high quality pre-insulated piping system as an alternative to outdated field insulated piping which is costly, less effective and less efficient.

Rovanco's entrepreneurial spirit is evidenced in it's implementation of a progressive R & D program without a pre-occupation with short term results. Rovanco's success did not happen overnight. The company's reputation for high quality products, prompt delivery, commitment to innovation and unequaled customer service is well deserved and has positioned Rovanco as a worldwide leader in the industry.

In 2016 Larry Stonitsch's son Chad and Dick Stonitsch's son Todd took over Rovanco’s operations. They bring a modern, aggressive approach to the sales & manufacturing process. Their ingenuity has introduced more progressive ways to manufacture pre-insulated piping systems that continues to propel Rovanco to the forefront of the industry.

Chad Godeaux Chad Godeaux
Todd Stonitsch Todd Stonitsch
Vice-President of Operations

As the industry continues forward into the 21st industry, Rovanco will maintain its leadership position by setting the standards for the pre-insulated piping industry.