Double Wall Containment

Containment Pipe

Piping on the left is a Rhinocoat Containment with oil/gas leak detection cabel. Piping on the right is PVC x PVC System with water leak detection cable.

Federal and State Environmental Protection Agencies as well as OSHA requirements for underground tanks and piping for both above & below ground has increased the demands associated with the conveying of hazardous & toxic materials within piping systems.

Containment Pipe Containment Pipe

Containment Piping System pre-engineered & pre-fabricated for transferring heating oil, natural gas, chemicals, jet fuel, solvents, process waste, gasoline & acids.

  • Contains fluids within the piping system that could leak out of the primary pipe.
  • Protects personnel from exposure or contaminating the soil, ground water or air with contents of carrier pipe.
  • Can be manufactured with more than one inner carrier pipe made of the same or different materials.
  • Carrier pipe aligned and supported within casing by centering supports in air space area every 10’. These special supports allow the carrier pipe to freely expand and contract.
  • Typically made of carbon steel, stainless steel, FRP or PVC, but a wide selection of carrier pipe materials are available.
  • Outer jacket options are extensive as well but typically include fiberglass, PVC, 10 gauge steel conduit with hot dipped galvanized or red mill (Above Ground) and 10 gauge steel conduit with Rhinocoat® 15/5 dual layer (20 mils total) of fusion bonded epoxy coating (Below Ground).
  • Flexible stainless steel containment piping system available.
  • Available with optional leak detection able to detect any liquid.