Pre-Insulated Above & Below Ground PP-RCT

Pre-Insulated Above & Below Ground PP-RCT Pre-Insulated Above & Below Ground PP-RCT

Rovanco® Above Ground Piping System with Fusio-technik® PP-RCT125 WOR Carrier Pipe

Fusio-technik Carrier Pipe Benefits:

  • Produced using WOR Technology (White Oxidation Resistance).
  • Leader in high flow rate and low pressure drop.
  • Increased resistance to oxidising substances.
  • Resistant to lime, cement, plaster and electro-chemical reaction.
  • Higher performances with reduced permeability to oxygen.
  • Completely compatible with warm and cold fluids as well as drinking water.

In the North American market, water disinfection treatments are particularly aggressive. In order to increase the performance of PP-RCT pipes in resistance against the thermo- oxidative attack, WOR technology was developed.

In collaboration with world leaders in the production of additives for polymeric systems, Aquatechnik® Research Division, designed a particular package of additives and polymeric material to form the inner layer of the PP-RCT pipe. This increases the pipe’s resistance to oxidizing substances used in sanitation water such as free chlorine, chloramines, chlorine dioxide etc. Up to 40 times more when compared to a normal PP-R material.

The Fusio-technik carrier pipe is insulated using PIR300 25/50 polyisocyanurate insulation able to handle temperatures from -297˚F to 300˚F. It can also handle intermittent temperature spikes up to 350˚F. With the 25/50 (flame/smoke) designation in accordance with ASTM E84, this system is also approved for indoor installations.

A variety of jacketing material is available depending on whether the installation will be above ground or below ground. For above installations a metal spiral lock seam jacket made of galvanized, aluminum or stainless steel is used. For below ground applications this system utilizes a HDPE jacket that is at least 175 mils thick. This makes it the thickest polyethylene jacket in the industry.

The Pre-Insulated Above & Below Ground Piping System with Fusio-technik carrier pipe is ideal for a wide array of applications, including, but not limited to:

  • Heating Systems
  • Chilled Water Systems
  • Marine Applications
  • Chemical Applications (Consult Factory)
  • Portable Water
  • Food Grade