Pre-Engineered & Pre-Fabricated Steel Manholes

Pre-Engineered &Pre-Fabricated Steel Manholes

The average construction time for field built concrete manholes is 2-3 weeks plus time to pipe and finish the inside. Using precast sections might save 1 week of time.

Rovanco steel manholes can be installed in 1 day, as much as 5x’s faster to complete installation from start to finish than concrete manholes. This means steel manholes can cost as little as ½ as much as concrete manholes.

Rovanco has been building Pre-Engineered, Pre-Fabricated Steel Manholes since 1982. Our manholes are custom built so interiors can be manufactured to meet your precise needs and specifications. They arrive ready to set in place & connect to exterior piping.

Rovanco Steel Manholes are:

Rovanco Steel Manholes
  • Totally welded steel
  • Factory pressure tested – watertight!
  • Pre-fabricated, pre-piped and pre-insulated
  • Already installed with sump pit, air vents, manhole access & ladder for entry
  • Coated with a watertight 2-part marine grade submersible epoxy
  • A well-ventilated, labor-friendly environment for installers & maintenance people
  • A dry environment for valves, steam traps, expansion joints, wiring & fiber optic cables
  • Equipped with expansion joints, trap stations, anchor points, high vent & low point drains (optional)
  • Equipped with Leak Detection already installed (optional)
  • Equipped with a 50 year cathodic system with a sacrificial anode protecting the outer shell (optional)

Since the Rovanco manholes are custom-made you can choose square or rectangular, what thickness of the base and the top style you want. Our steel manholes are rated for fire trucks filled with 40,000 pounds of water. So Rovanco can build manholes of any size up to 45' long, 10 foot wide, and 10 foot high. H-20 loading is available.