Pipeline Leak Detection

In the result of a break in the system or leak, the alarm unit’s system software sends an immediate alert via email or text with the location of the leak – accurate within 3 feet!

Pipeline Leak Detection & Heat Trace

Innovative leak detection monitoring for your piping system!

  • Fault Locating Accurate within 3 Feet
  • Alarm Box will Email & Text when there is a Leak
  • For Metal or Plastic Piping Systems
Pipeline Leak Detection & Heat Trace

Leak Sensing Cable with Monitoring/Alarm Unit
Undetected Pipe Faults Result In...

  • Pipe corroding or failure
  • Loss of system service
  • Expensive repairs
  • Destruction of fiber optics & cables
Pipeline Leak Detection & Heat Trace
  • Intelligent enough to recognize the difference between typical pipe condensation and a leak.
  • Fast, accurate fault location in the field shortens downtime and reduces repair cost.
  • Monitoring/Alarm unit can be mounted inside or externally mounted (remote monitoring).


  • Continuous Remote Monitoring – connection between the cable conductors and the monitoring unit facilitates accurate, fast locating of system fault
  • Total System Monitoring – of the carrier pipe/conduit pipe, outer jacket and insulation detecting moisture or breaches in all elements of the system
  • Versatility – cable sensing system works with nearly every pipe type and diameter as well as metal and plastic piping systems
  • Fully Tested – all cable conductors are tested before and after polyurethane foam insulation is added and the pipe manufacturing process is complete, assuring reliable and dependable performance
  • Easy to Connect Cables – connecting one leak sensing cable to the next in the field can be easily accomplished with the included joining sleeves
  • Advanced Communication – measured data can be transmitted through the alarm unit via the network utilizing IoT technology and the unit’s software can be updated remotely using a wireless network
  • Broadcasted Alerts – monitoring boxes can send alerts via email or text message to as many people as you choose

Dependable performance with accurate fault location!