DEF Piping Systems

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Growing demand for newly installed piping in and around existing structures, such as Diesel Exhaust Fuel (DEF), makes tunneling/trenching prohibitive. This often dictates roof-top or suspended piping on or around structures to complete the project. Other installations, such as long spans over an open, sparsely populated environment, makes tunneling/trenching an unnecessary cost. Above Ground Piping by Rovanco is proving to be the ideal solution in situations like these.

  • Rovanco is the leader in the design and supply of DEF piping systems that can be installed both above and below ground.
  • These piping systems can be factory pre-insulated and provided with heat trace systems.
  • Our standard delivery is less than 2 weeks!
  • With the new EPA regulations in place, the number of DEF applications across the U.S. and Canada will continue to grow.
  • Rovanco has provided miles of DEF piping for hundreds of stations.
  • Look to Rovanco for the highest quality DEF Piping Systems.
  • Rovanco has been servicing the fueling industry for over 43 years!

Piping comes pre-insulated with metal cover, insulation and carrier pipe in a completely sealed, watertight unit.

DEF Piping is

  • Insulation is non-flammable polyisocyanurate
  • Durable outer spiral metal jacket made of aluminum or galvanized steel
  • Meets 25/50 Flame/Smoke
  • Piping is completely sealed and watertight for indoor or outdoor above ground applications • Hi-Temp carrier pipe is A-53 Grade B, Schedule 40 ERW (Schedule 80 Seamless for condensate)
  • 2 temperature ratings (300°F and 400°F) · Supplied in economical 20 foot lengths (Hi-Temp also available in 40 foot lengths)
  • Piping available with tube for electrical heat trace function, steam trace or glycol heat trace
  • Most efficient heat loss in the industry
  • Can also be factory painted to match surrounding areas.