Quality control, extremely fast delivery and attentive service are the cornerstones of Rovanco’s business. No one can design a product that will operate efficiently in all environments for all services. Therefore, Rovanco studies the application and the environment and then develops a product that will solve the particular challenges of that project. With this vigorous commitment to innovation and utilization of its Patented products and methods, Rovanco’s has strengthened its position and continues to set the pace and standards for the Pre-Insulated and Specialty Piping industry.

Prefabricated steel manholes can play an important role in your underground heat distribution system and can be installed in one day!

Imagine having a maintenance person in every manhole, pit, basement and utilidor... 24 hours a day! The Rovanco Manhole Leak Detection Unit is the Ultimate Solution. Identify Manhole Issues BEFORE they can result in Manhole Failure!

Foam pre-insulated piping has revolutionized the industry with high-performance systems capable of carrying liquids at controlled temperatures ranging from -350°F to +400°F.
Insul-800 & Rhinocoat® High Temp Conduit comes as a complete, trouble free, long lasting watertight heat distribution system that is engineered and factory fabricated to your specifications.

RhinoJoint is Air-Testable, Water-Tight and EN489:2009 Certified, making RhinoJoint the ultimate solution for sealing field joints even under the harshest conditions.

Developed to provide a means to contain fluids that may leak out of a primary pipe, preventing the material from endangering personnel or contaminating the soil, ground water or air.

Engineered for transferring hazardous chemicals, solvents, process waste, industrial waste and acids. Ideal solution for the Pharmaceutical & Food Processing industries.

Flexible pre-insulated piping has taken over the market for 5 1/2" and smaller pre-insulated pipe because it is a high quality product and it has the lowest installed cost of any pre-insulated pipe.

PEX-a Pexgol is an efficient and economical solution for applications requiring large diameter, flexible, pre-insulated piping. Single carrier pipe diameters range from 6"-16". It is ideal for a variety of applications.

Tried and tested for decades, it is now seen as the industry standard for local and district heating systems and in industrial applications. Rovanco has a Germany-trained engineer on staff and all design is done in-house.

Innovative leak detection monitoring for your piping system! Fault Locating Accurate within 3 Feet. Alarm Box will Email & Text when there is a Leak. Works with Metal and Plastic Piping Systems.

Rovanco’s Underground Ball Valves are designed for District Heating and Cooling lines that are buried underground.

Rovanco manufactures Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) piping systems designed to transfer fluids from your holding tanks to dispensers in either an Above Ground or Below Ground operation.

The only approved industrial strength pipe of its kind made for long-term durability in high temperature/pressure applications.

The FLEXWELL®-HL pipe system is specifically designed for hazardous fluids and gases, such as gasoline, ethanol blends, biodiesel, LPG and other hazardous fluids typically transported in chemical plants. 

LNG use can be found in a variety of industries. Some of these include; residential energy for cooking, heating homes and generating electricity, food, dairy & beverage processing, aggregates & asphalts manufacturing and of course marine fuel bunkering.