Insul-8 Pre-Insulated Foam Piping

Insul-8® Pre Insulated Below Ground Foam

Pre-Insulated Urethane Foam

In little more than a decade, foam pre-insulated piping has revolutionized the industry with high-performance systems capable of carrying liquids at controlled temperatures ranging from -350° F to +400° F, and with a K factor less than half that of ordinary insulation.

Rovanco's Insul-8® pre-insulated piping is manufactured at its Joliet, Illinois plant to provide simple field installation. It has been specified for many diverse projects requiring both a wide range of carrier pipe and protective jacket materials.

Common to each of Rovanco's Piping System, is an exacting process through which foam uniformly fills the space between the carrier pipe and jacket.

Pre-Insulated Urethane Foam

To inquire about specific material or a customized piping system, please contact your local representative or contact Rovanco direct at (815) 741-6700.

  • Available with polyurethane foam, 300°F or 400°F polyisocyanurate foam insulation.
  • Infrared heat sensing device is used to scan the full length of the pipe checking for any voids after filling.
  • Have Rovanco do a heat loss analysis to show you the savings!
  • These systems have the capabilities to be heat traced by means of steam, glycol or electrical.
  • These systems can also be monitored by a leak detection cable that runs the length of the system.
  • Carrier pipes are available in a variety of materials including, PVC, HDPE, copper, steel, ductile iron and fiberglass.
  • The seamless HDPE outer jacket is the thickest in the industry, providing superior protection and making the system water-tight.
  • Utilizes proprietary, non-corrosive spacers to ensure the pipe is centered within the casing and a uniformed amount of foam is on all sides of carrier pipe.
  • Dramatic labor savings for field insulation and jacketing of joints and fittings.

Insul-8® Pre-Insulated Above Ground Foam

Above Ground Piping Above Ground Piping Above Ground Piping

A water tight solution that is the most energy efficient Above Ground Pre-Insulated Piping System for steam, condensate, high temp hot water, domestic water, diesel exhaust fluid and more!

Piping comes pre-insulated with metal cover, insulation and carrier pipe in a completely sealed, watertight unit. The same foam injection process is carefully followed & tested just as described in the copy above for our below ground system.

Above ground piping is quickly proving to be a suitable replacement for traditional underground piping when moving hot and cold fluids from a source to a destination.

Growing demand for newly installed piping in and around existing structures makes tunneling/trenching prohibitive. This often dictates roof-top or suspended piping on or around structures to complete the project. Other installations, such as long spans over an open, sparsely populated environment, makes tunneling/trenching an unnecessary cost. Above Ground Piping by Rovanco is proving to be the ideal solution in situations like these.

  • Insulation is non-flammable polyisocyanurate
  • Durable outer spiral metal jacket made of aluminum or galvanized steel
  • Meets 25/50 Flame/Smoke
  • Piping is completely sealed and watertight for indoor or outdoor above ground applications
  • Hi-Temp carrier pipe is A-53 Grade B, Schedule 40 ERW (Schedule 80 Seamless for condensate)
  • 2 temperature ratings (300°F and 400°F)
  • Supplied in economical 20 foot lengths (Hi-Temp also available in 40 foot lengths)
  • Piping available with tube for electrical heat trace function, steam trace or glycol heat trace
  • Most efficient heat loss in the industry
  • Can also be factory painted to match surrounding areas.