Manhole Leak Detection

Rovanco Manhole Leak Detection Unit

Welcome to the Future of Leak Detection!

Imagine having a maintenance person in every manhole, pit, basement and utilidor... 24 hours a day! The Rovanco Manhole Leak Detection Unit is the Ultimate Solution. Identify Manhole Issues BEFORE they can result in Manhole Failure!

Get an Email or Text immediately if:

  • Water levels rise
  • Temperature differentiates
  • Humidity changes
  • Manhole cover is removed

Leak Detection Unit & System

  • Utilizes IoT technology to communicate
  • UL approved
  • Equipped with a long-life lithium ion battery
Rovanco Manhole Leak Detection Unit
Manhole Failure Causes:

  • Flooding from heavy rain
  • Sump pump failure
  • Pipe corroding or failure
  • Fire from heat build-up, electrical short, cable overheating
  • Illegal removal of manhole covers
  • Salt and water build up with electrical lines
Rovanco Manhole Leak Detection Unit

Manhole Failure Can Result In:

  • Loss of service
  • Expensive repairs
  • Dangerous situations
  • Destruction of fiber optics, wiring & cables
  • Steam pipe breaches, expansion joint and vent failure
  • Unauthorized entry leading to injury, burns or even death
  • Potential lawsuits
Rovanco Manhole Leak Detection Unit

Manhole Leak Detection Unit Capabilities:

  • Measures – humidity and water levels as well as ambient, water, sewage & steam temps
  • Temperature gauge can distinguish between rainfall & water/steam from a broken pipe
  • Humidity gauge senses when a steam trap fails
  • Monitors air space in Rovanco Conduit System & informs you if an exterior or interior leak
  • Decreases maintenance cost
  • Allows manhole system owner to get the FULL life out of a conduit system
  • Detects removal or opening of the manhole cover
  • Box can withstand 185°F, but components can take over 300°F
Rovanco Manhole Leak Detection Unit

Manhole Leak Detection Unit Features:

  • GPS coordinates are programmed in unit
  • Is equipped with a lithium ion battery which will last for 2-3 years when sending 4 burst of information per day
  • Unit constantly monitors battery life
  • UL listed box & battery pack
  • Manhole mapping of your system
  • Dashboard website & app
  • Data collecting for energy usage