EN253 Pre-Insulated Pipe

EN253 Certified Designer

EN253 pre-insulated steel pipe system is for transporting district heating. It is a pipe system for channel-free, direct ground installation. Tried and tested for decades, it is now seen as the industry standard for local and district heating systems and in industrial applications.

Our EN253 district heating pipeline, depending on the intended application, features one or two steel carrier tubes, welded, seamless or galvanized, or made of stainless steel. This piping system for district heating is well-suited for transporting heating water, domestic hot water, water/glycol mixture, condensates and other fluids, excluding steam due to EN253 temperature limits.

Heat insulation for PREMANT district heating pipe is performed by a rigid polyurethane foam which can withstand temperatures of up to 250°F (120 °C) PE-HD casing pipe provides external protection. All three components form one fixed unit, so this pipe system is a member of the composite pipe family.

EN253 Pre-Insulated Pipe

EN253 pre-insulated piping offers:

  • Excellent heat insulation*
  • Large range from DN 20 to DN 1000
  • Operating temperature up to maximum of 250°F (120 °C)
  • Operating pressure up to 25 bar
  • Various insulation foam and monitoring wire systems
  • Available as heating, cooling, sanitary water and fire class pipe

*Heat insulation with pentane-driven PUR foam creates enormous energy-saving potential (λ50 = 0.0260 W/mK)

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